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    May 13, 2013
    5:00 - 5:31pm PDT  

>> reporter: after a year of warnings they filed a criminal complaint against the homeowners. 55 misdemeanors to accumulating solid waste to diverting water from a neighbor's property. if we didn't take criminal action i'm convinced nothing would happen. >> reporter: while we were there a woman pushing a shopping cart went into the back yard. he told us she lived. the owners are elderly and lost control of who was coming and going. >> trying to keep the people who didn't live here out. and then the ones that did, there were people that did move in, they stopped paying rent or didn't pay rent. >> reporter: the family met briefly at the home this morning with the councilman. >> i don't want to be put in the position of getting fingerprinted. >> i appreciate your concern but all the people who live in the
neighborhood shouldn't have to live with this. >> reporter: the homeowner department want to go on camera and now has to tell her story to the judge. they a deny the allegations. they face jail time or fines or both in this case. if they can't afford the fines the city says it reserves the right to put a lien on this property, the property the city says is already in foreclosure. >> new details tonight on the stunning death of a calaveras country girl. neighbors who were once supportive and sorrowful are now angry. the victim's 12-year-old brother is in a jail cell tonight arrested for stabbing her to death. >> reporter: this community has really pulled together to support 8-year-old's leila's family. but now folk here are dealing
with a whole new set of emotions after the arrest of the girl's 12-year-old brother. >> it hurts yop you got a 12-year-old kid that his life is ruined, you know, plain and simple over this. what made him snap? get into his head and find out. what happened? >> reporter: that's the reaction of neighbors on learning investigators have arrested the brother of eight-year-old leila fowler who was found stabbed to death in her home. her 12-year-old brother had claimed he saw a man running from the house before finding his sister. this neighbor says the story just didn't add up. >> did the kid come out and start hollering and screaming? no. we had our suspicions the whole time. it's horrible to see something like that happen. >> reporter: school mats of the children are having a tough time of it too. for two weeks now they feared a random killer was on the lose.
the school districts brought in their crisis team to help children deal with the new twist. >> the act itself is unspeakable. how can anybody cothat? how can somebody we know have allegedly committed this crime. >> reporter: a community fun raidser for the family has now been canceled as residents try to process what's taken place and figure ou how to move forward. >> they felt they had enough money and we didn't need to give them any more money because now the money was going to go to support the little boy. >> reporter: the family plabs to speak with the media tomorrow. meanwhile the 12-year-old boy remains behind car. in call var ras county i'm jodi hernandez. a multimillion ondollar event, will it be scratched? more questions about the america's cup. they're concerned about the safety of the sailors and there's talk of some teams possibly pulling out of the race because of last week's deadly
accident. here's nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: there is a cloud of uncertainty other the america's cup campaign here in san francisco. the owner of the luna rosa is quoted in an italian magazine saying he will let his crew decide whether or not to continue with the upcoming race. san francisco mayor ed lee is aware of the speculation and anxiously awaiting to hear from america's cup officials. >> i'm keeping very close tabs with all of the teams. i want them to feel as safe as everybody. this is an incredible race but also one that should not compromise safety in any way. >> awe san francisco lead erss worry about safety the investigation continues as to why the artemis capsized killing one of the sailors on board. the traffic division which oversees both accidents in the bay is one of the many agencies looking into the cause of the crash. >> we tried to look at the video
if it's available, the gpa, the speed, everything that these high-tech vessels have, we try to look to see if it will help us determine exactly what happened. >> reporter: the artemis flipped over own thursday during a training exercise on the bay. one of the team members, andrew simpson was trapped under the boat and died. >> artemis had a lot of sensors, the tracking data all the time that it was sailing. so they, inside the camp, are learning a lot of what went on to the boat as it was sailing last thursday. >> a lot of questions surrounding the america's cup will be answered tomorrow. a news kmps is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. >> cheryl thank you. we should add late today a german team that qualified for the youth america's cup race officially withdrew.
investigators are frantically trying to unravel a history 100 miles north of san francisco. what is sinking a subdivision in lakeport. an emergency meeting will be held tomorrow to address what some are calling a slow motion disaster. houses are being swallowed up, seven have been red tagged, another six have been issued voluntary evacuation. >> the garage door opener stopped working because it was jamming up on everything because everything started getting out of sink, you know, and the house just started moving. it was like a tornado that swept through here. it was crazy. >> reporter: county officials believe water has bubbled to the surface playing a role. we're going tof more on what may be causing this natural disaster on nightly news. over 80 people serge today
for a missing eight-year-old autistic girl. she was seen yesterday playing in her family's yard in clear lake. she cannot speak and has the mental capacity of a one-year-old. he was playing on the trampoline and her brother went in the house leaving her alone. her family says she likes to remove her clothes when he gets hot. the home is very close to cache creek and michaela cannot swim. occupied no longer, the protesters tried to reoccupy a piece of land owned by uc berkeley. officers began clearing them out. most of the protesters left peacefully but three people before detained during the sweep. more than 100 okay priors mod in on friday protesting the plan to build a senior housing facility and the grocery store. the bay area's bid to bring
the super bowl to santa clara have 30 million dollars in pledges from local companies, including apple and google. 8 million of that will go to bay area charities. the super bowl committee will travel to boston this week. they'll have 15 minutes to try to convince team owners why they should host host the 2016 game. >> they're not usually involved in this stuff but they realize it wasn't about any of them, it was about the greater good of doing something that is going to leigh a lasting legacy in the bay area. >> the bay area's bid got a boost when its only computation, the miami doll fins failed to prepare funding for repairs to the stadium. still ahead, making silicon valley pay up the country that wants to tax some local tech
titans. >> why o.j. simpson wants a new trial. and he wants women to feel they're beautiful. what a former member of the san jose police department is doing to help women really see themselves. good afternoon. great way to start off our monday. a lot of sunshine, temperatures pretty warm in the east bay but right now plenty of cool air in the coastline. 65 in san mateo. we're take you out live to the sky cam. i'll have full details coming up. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices
with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
o.j. simpson a back in a las vegas court today asking for a new trial in his armed robbery kidnapping case. the 65-year-old former football star nodded to friends mo who were in the courtroom this afternoon. simpson is four years into a minimum nine year prison term.
he wants a new trial claiming his attorney never told him the prosecutors offered him a plea deal. the former d.a. said he never offered a formal plea deal. >> president obama denounced the irs's targeting of conservative political groups as outrageous. he told reports that he didn't know until this last friday that theist targeted tea party groups. they focused on groups with tea party or patriot in their names. president obama also addressed the benghazi attack saying there was no coverup and he dismissed the republican tactics as a side show. the government collected two months of phone records without going through the normal legal procedures.
the justice department so penaed and received records from reporters for two months last year. an a.p. story about a terror plot in yemen contained information. news organizations are typically notified that the groft wants the records. all right. cheers and applauds rocked the minnesota senate today as they voted to legalize same-sex march. that sends the bill to governor who is expected to sign it tomorrow. it's the 12th state in the nation to do so. a new video out today shows the police rescue of the four women held hostage in cleveland. a bystander recorded police entering the home of accused kidnapper ariel castro.
you cannot see it on the video but police say gina dejesus and michelle knight jumped into officer's arms. amanda berry and her daughter were already outside after initially alerting police. authorities say they will board up the windows and erect a 10-foot privacy screen around if property. >> the lawyers say they have a medical diagnosis for holmes but did not specify what it is. the junl won't make a decision on whether to accept the plea until later this month. james holmes is charge with murder an attempted mord for last year's theater shooting. >> when the engine tour pedals into san jose, they will notice more security. today's leg of the annual bike race across california was in palm springs. the chp is coordinating security
for the entire tour. they aren't talking specifics expect to say the spectator experience will not change. they will be in san francisco this sunday. new research finds that teens while text while driving are more likely to take other risks behind the wheel. nearly half of high school students text while driving. doing this dramatically increases their risk of getting into a potentially fatal accident. a 2011 survey found teens who text and drive often didn't wear seat belts either. these teens were also five time more likely to drive while under the influence of alcohol . looks like it's plan b for plan b. sales of the morning after pill are on hold after a last minute gof appeal. today the obama administration
appealed that. the one step plan b is over the counter for women 15 and older. some big names in clothing are vow to make changes in the clothing industry? bangladesh. today swedish retailer h and m agreed to a contract that calls for retailers to do more to ensure garment factories in bangladesh are safe. calvin klein and tommy hill finger are already on board. they need to form unions' make reports on the factory conditions permanent. >> the down turn in the economy is causing them to become creative. some of the piggest tech companies in our back yard. it was announced today that france is considering a new 1%
tax on internet compatible devices. it would target google, apple and am zone. the french government would use it to fund cultural acts in their country. it was a beautiful weekend and a great start to the workweek. let's check in with chief meteorologist. >> it was hard not to get yourself out today with all of the sunshine and the cool crisp air. slightly cooler air. so even though it was warm out here we had some spring sizzle. gilroy was 88, santa rosa 85, livermore 84 and san jose 82. that cooling onshore flow did cool off some of these spots from all of the heat we had this weekend. the winds at the coastline are 20 to 40 miles per hour. that's getting the fog machine going. they're going to continue to see the fog stream in namely across
the coastline. also some low cloud cover developing by the bay an interior valerie valleys. temperatures low to mid 50s. by is:00 a.m. we're excepting up uer 60s. let's get you outside to the sky cam out. you can see clear skies in san jose looking excellent right now. take youoff to the north in palo alto and a field of green down there with all of the trees throughout the peninsula. that marine layer is squished down to a thousand feet evident in emeryville. it does not look like an aggressive fog pattern as he had this morning. so even though we have low clouds filtering into parts of san francisco way back by the golden gate, it's no going to be again quite as heavy as we head throughout this evening. let's get you into the fog forecast. some of the most fog in the morning is going to be at the
immediate coastline throughsant francisco counties and also for those of you in the north bay. everyone that you're going to see here in yellow, basically the whole viewing area is excepted some widespread sunshine for tuesday. looks excellent tomorrow. we're going to start off with some weather that may have you bringing out the jacket in the morning hours, temperatures in the low 50s for most of us. daytime highs on tuesday, upper 70s to low ants, 85 in gilroy and if r the east bay, low to mid 80s. hoping to contain the heat for tomorrow. back toward san francisco, 68 for you. take a women trip to santa rosa temperatures 79 degrees. notice temperatures do go cooler by thursday, some low 70s coming into the forecast. we'll have some storm systems passing off to the north.
no rainfall fb us will import some cooler air. maybe you eel need a jacket towards the end of the week. >> it was a great weekend. >> it was awesome. still ahead, fed wup fees, the new bill that's making a lot of bay area college students upset.
dr. joyce brothers, the psychologist who pioneered the tv advice show back in the 19508s has died. she was 85. she died in new york city. brothers first gained fame as a winning contestant as a contestant on the game show. nbc capitalized on her fame and her ph.d. from clumia university
and gave her an advice show. he took off as did brothers' magazine column and many books. many universities are charging to participate in commencement festivities. and for some the price keeps going up. across the state 15 of cal state's 23 campuses now charge a graduation fee. by law colleges are not allowed to use tuition fees to cover graduation tost cost ps. at cal state east bay there's a $45 fee at san francisco state it's $100, up $60 in the past two years. at san jose some stounts have to pay 75 buck to walk the stage. >> if you're jumping on the warrior's bandwagon, no problem the more. merier. yesterday, did you hear about this or see it? the mother's day thriller, they beet the smurs in over time.
the best of seven series is tied at two games a piece. it guarantees that the bay area oracle arena will see a game, gak six on thursday. game five is tomorrow in san antonio. tickets for thursday became available just a couple of hours ago on ticketmaster and the team's website. tickets are ranging anywhere from 120 bucks all the way up to $8,000 per seat. >> it's a hot ticket. we'll be back in a moment to see what a san jose man is going to spark a national discussion on beauty.
consider it a success, the first annual of napa's music festival hay pierce tof been a hit. the festival included the black keys reported 120,000 people over the past few days. tickets are already on sale for bottle rocket 2014 but the lineup has not yet been announced. for years she sketched suspect to help criminals in jones. >> now a forensic artist is using his training to help women understand their beauty. >> when most of us look in the mirror we focus on the imperfections and we're very critical of ourselves. now a san jose police officer is helping us see ourselves a little more clearly.
for 26 years she was a police officer in san jose helping catch criminals. tell me about your hair. >> now retired he's involved in another daunting task, helping women recognize their own beauty. he use his training for the dove beauty campaign. he sketched seven women out seeing them. he relied only on their verbal sbripgss of themselves. that alone was a challenge. >> most of the time i'm sketching men who are suspects of crimes. >> i have a fat rounder face. >> the older i've gotten, the more freckles i've gotten. >> i would say i have a pretty big forehead. >> he later sketched the same women as they were described to him by strangers. >> it was a nice thin chin. >> then the big reveal. he watched as the women saw both of the sketches side by side.
that's a sketch you helped me create and that's the squech that someone driend of you. >> there was that interaction with wow, okay i am too hard on myself. what am i doing. and that kind of exchange was really, really powerful. >> distorted self-perception may not be a crime but fighting it certainly has it rewards. >> i should be more grateful of my natural beauty. >> the campaign is getting worldwide attention. so far it has been viewed so 0 million times and it's only been out less than a month. open and now colleges are starting to use this as a focus of discussion. >> that's great. very powerful. >> he talks with the women and also their friends. >> strangers. these are strangers describing them. it turns out they're more accurate when they describe them. exactly. it shows we can't be so hard on ourselves. >> what a great tori.
>> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. we have more local news at 6:00. on our broadcast tonight, damage control. flashes of anger from the president as two scandals grow, one involving the irs. and in the other, he hits back at his critics over benghazi. disaster zone. a slow-moving emergency taking shape in northern california as a neighborhood is sinking into the earth, while half a nation away an unbelievable sight in minnesota -- a wave of ice comes crashing on shore. at what cost? the american quest to stay in fashion and what people should now know about where it is made. why some big companies are acting the way they are after a tragedy that claimed more than a thousand lives. and the royal touch. prince harry, the combat veteran, mixing it up with american combat veterans over their shared bond. american combat veterans over their shared bond. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television